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Filter Force Pro VST3 / AU Plugin

Filter Force Pro VST3 / AU Plugin

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Filter Force is a dual creative filter bank with a focus on easy and intuitive modulation. Quickly shape up any sound or instrument with high-quality modulated filters.

Twenty-One Filter Types

Choose any of the available filter characteristics to shape your sound, many of which you know from Odin 2. Virtual analog classics are acoompanied by more exotic variants such as comb or formant filters.

Four Sequencers

Create any modulation you can think of with four fully independent stereo modulation sequencers.

True Stereo Modulation

Easily widen your stereo field by using the stereo modulation source. Sequencers also run independently for left and right channels.

Easy Modulation Editing

Fine tune your curves by setting control points. Or draw quickly with the predefined brushes.

Random Modulation

Let randomness take over by generating a random sequence on every cycle.

Sync Modes

MIDI-key sync to shape any instrument in your chain. Let it run free or sync to your DAWs sequencer.


Available as VST3 / AU plugin available for Windows (x64) and MacOS (x64 / M1).

System Requirements:

Windows Vista or Higher / MacOS 10.11 or higher
Graphics card with OpenGL 3.2 or higher

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